Diploma beautician course in Chennai

Diploma/Master Course

Our Flowers Beauty Academy is here to train our students to have their passion and professional in a high-level reach. We offer various courses to the students in either diploma or in master course. There are number of courses offered in diploma to train shortly within the period of the certain time. Our course of Diploma and Master Degree in the academy makes the students to learn about the beauty toll departments such as media makeup, beauty therapy, hair styling, skin care, hair dressing and other treatments in a short term period is taught to the students with their capacity of skills and the knowledge. Diploma in Makeup is not just a job; it’s an art to the students as the perfection one.

We flowers beauty academy providing Diploma beautician course in Chennai. Our institute is that, where the students are trained well to apply their skills to the people and make their career to grow well. The course which the students will learn about the makeup and how to apply the makeup in the people’s skin will be taught to them within a period of time which the student’s desire. For beginner the study and experiment of doing the makeup will be the period of 2 Months and for experts, the study of makeup and practical will be 3 Weeks with more detail. Diploma in Hair Styling is the techniques with unique teaching; our students get train with knits, braids, etc to get a comely look to the customer. To make the face with beautiful look in the event or in the time of festival or functions such as Engagement, Wedding, Reception, etc. our course of beauty is a fashion trend for all the women and youngster. We give a comfort and an adequate tutelage to our students in order to have their profession or passion with great scope in their lifestyle. Hope this course will surely help our students to achieve a high career in their passion.